Sandy's Helping Paws

We started the Sandy’s Helping Paws project to fill a need we saw in our community. Families who have a hard time making ends meet often have to choose between feeding their families and feeding their pets. This can even lead to them having to abandon or surrender their pets to shelters.

With the help of our local community, we hope to help families keep their pets in their homes by providing pet food and supplies when needed. Currently, we offer food and supplies for cats and dogs.

Need help?

If you find your family in need of assistance, please reach out to Sandy’s Helping Pets through the Sandy’s Helping Hands Facebook page or our contact us form.


How to help

If you’d like to help Sandy’s Helping Paws, we gladly accept donations of pet food and supplies, as well as monetary donations through Facebook and at the link below. Just mention Sandy’s Helping Paws in the notes section.


We gladly accept monetary donations to help with emergency vet expenses and other pet needs.