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New Website

We are excited to announce our new website. Please stay tuned as we add more content to this website.

Volunteer Your Way To Happiness

There have been studies done for just about everything that goes on in our lives….. so what about volunteering? Researchers analyzed data from 40 published papers and guess what? Volunteering = happiness. Duh! Volunteers were less depressed, increased life satisfaction and enhanced well-being. For those who want to live a long happy life, volunteers had… Read more »

For the Love of Volunteering and Comfy Shoes

Volunteering is full of wonderful positive attributes. I mean seriously it’s the giving of our personal time (which for most of us between jobs and kids have so little of). But sometimes it’s hard to admit that we can’t always see volunteering as a priority. If you are anything like me, our family is juggling… Read more »

It’s ok to ask for help

Tonight at our board meeting after all the jibber jabber about our future projects, we started discussing the neighbor to neighbor type of help that we want to provide here in our wonderful little Sandy Oregon. Of course this always gets my brain amped up with excitement and ready to help every single person I… Read more »

Help a family keep warm

We have a family that is out of wood and can not afford to turn their heat on. They are searching for blankets or firewood to make it through the rest of the season. If you are able to help please email us.

What do you do anyway?

Boy, I have heard this a lot lately. For the last few months, I have completely stumbled on trying to explain what Sandy’s Helping Hands is and why don’t we just join a preexisting group instead of having our own charity. I must admit, this is a pretty valid question. To be honest, it takes… Read more »

Sandy Action Center Volunteers Needed

There is not enough words that I can say about our own SAC. We have all been there for one reason or another. To go through their pantry when we are hungry, to grabbing a couple of winter coats for our children because money is tight, or to drop off all our extra goodies that… Read more »

Family Needing rides to Appointments

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We have had a request for a family in need of appointment rides for her kids this week. Please contact us and we will pass along your info. Thank you!

Sunday Roundup on Monday

We are working on finding the best way to let everyone know charity events that are happening in our town along with those quick “helping hands” needs that come about at a quick pace. For now, I will start posting on Sunday nights, the events that are happening around town for the upcoming week and… Read more »

Sandy Or. Relay for Life Volunteer Opportunity

Have you or a loved one been affected by cancer? I have. I started participating in Relay for Life two years ago when my sister was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast Cancer. All I can say is if you have ever been directly involved with someone going through any type of cancer it sucks. When… Read more »