What do you do anyway?

Boy, I have heard this a lot lately.

For the last few months, I have completely stumbled on trying to explain what Sandy’s Helping Hands is and why don’t we just join a preexisting group instead of having our own charity.

I must admit, this is a pretty valid question. To be honest, it takes more than just one sentence to explain. First and foremost because I want the flexibility, choice and fun of volunteering doing the things I like to do! If I want to volunteer and I like to bake cookies, take out the garbage, run errands, change a flat, where would I sign up? I may only have an hour or a quick 15 minutes to help. Who would I call? Sandy’s Helping Hands– taps into all the wonderful talents that traditional charities can’t access.

Where is the charity for when you just need a jump start before work? Who do you call when you have a single mother next door with two sick kids that could use a grocery store run? There is none – until NOW!!!

Sandy’s Helping Hands is a neighbors helping neighbors networking hub. We can steer you to a volunteering opportunity that you have an interest in doing with our own neighbors who are looking for specific needs. Plus, just because we are crazy, we gather together and create activities for our community all on our own, like the Bagged Lunch Program, or Spring Tea at the Sandy Senior Center. We are here to fill in the gaps of traditional volunteering, by lending our own helping hands…..

Do you secretly know someone who could use a helping hand? Do you want to volunteer in an untraditional way? Please let us know…

Please, take a moment and let me know what you think, I am always open for suggestions and opinions….

Happy Volunteering

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