Volunteer Your Way To Happiness

There have been studies done for just about everything that goes on in our lives….. so what about volunteering? Researchers analyzed data from 40 published papers and guess what? Volunteering = happiness. Duh!

Volunteers were less depressed, increased life satisfaction and enhanced well-being. For those who want to live a long happy life, volunteers had a 20 percent lower risk of death than non-volunteers. Just sayin. It is not that helpful people tend to be healthier and happier but instead studies show that helping others itself causes happiness.

I don’t know about you, but that right there is good enough for me. I won’t be getting a report in a few years stating that volunteering cause’s high cholesterol or I can only do two hours a week or I get to much happiness? LOL gotta smile at this.

If you know anything about me, most of this doesn’t even really matter. What I care about is that I help (with alotta help from my friends) create happiness and well-being in others. Not just giving back, but to give forward.

I am hoping that some day when my children and grandchildren look back at me, they will be caring that little volunteer/help others gene. I know that volunteering is my road to happiness, as I have already experienced that bit of glee since January when we started Sandys’ Helping Hands. Volunteering = Happiness

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