Sunday Roundup on Monday

We are working on finding the best way to let everyone know charity events that are happening in our town along with those quick “helping hands” needs that come about at a quick pace. For now, I will start posting on Sunday nights, the events that are happening around town for the upcoming week and months. These will include schools, churches, Sandy Action Center and anyone who would like to turn in an event and get it posted.

I also think that I will start posting on the spot needs in Red. This should help anyone of you who is taking a glance at the website… a heads up for a quick volunteer opportunity. We will also email our volunteers and use Facebook to get out events and needs within our community.

Admitting that we will have a learning curve is hard for me, but we are very responsive to suggestions and ideas, so send me your thoughts!!! That’s what is so wonderful about Sandy’s Helping Hands… we are YOUR Community Charity!

SHH’s is working very hard right now behind the scenes. We have turned in our paperwork for our 501 (3) C status, which is our number one priority. Jenni and I have been in meetings around town with the other charitable groups making plans and chatting about what we can do to help. We walk away realizing that there is so much need in our little town. Our hope is that with our wonderful volunteers we will fill in the gaps where other groups cannot meet the immediate needs of our town.

Have a wonderful Monday,

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