It’s ok to ask for help

Tonight at our board meeting after all the jibber jabber about our future projects, we started discussing the neighbor to neighbor type of help that we want to provide here in our wonderful little Sandy Oregon.

Of course this always gets my brain amped up with excitement and ready to help every single person I see. I mean seriously, we all need help from time to time right? I got to wondering, why are we afraid to ask for help? I am.

It is so hard for me to sit back and delegate to the other ladies on the board. We (meaning us peoples) feel that it’s a sign of weakness if we didn’t do it on our own. This isn’t true. Asking for help means that you understand your limits and/or what you have difficulties with. Receiving help sometimes is needed in order to accomplish our goals in life, however big or small those goals might be.

The reality is that asking for help only means that we need help in a specific situation at a specific time. It is not a reflection of who we are. It’s actually a sign of our own strength and wisdom to seek help. Helping each other is what makes us a community. It shouldn’t always take a catastrophe to ask, such as it shouldn’t always take a catastrophe to give. We are here if you need us,

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