For the Love of Volunteering and Comfy Shoes

Volunteering is full of wonderful positive attributes. I mean seriously it’s the giving of our personal time (which for most of us between jobs and kids have so little of).

But sometimes it’s hard to admit that we can’t always see volunteering as a priority. If you are anything like me, our family is juggling well, our family!!!! School, sports, clubs, friends, and oh our jobs, let alone throwing in time to volunteer. So, after all that why and how???

Not all volunteering requires a lot of time and organized effort. Just ask yourself how much time a week, month, year do you want to spend volunteering. Maybe you are a fly in fly out type of volunteer…. I kinda like those! After your deep thinking on how much time you want to equate to volunteering, then you have to try and figure out what you like to do and find a place to do it! Not fun….

This is what I did. Just like when I shop for shoes. I try on a couple of pairs, see how they fit, think about how often I would wear them and then head on over to the comfy shoes! Our group came together the same way. All 7 of our board members have worked with and for other charities. We decided that we were going to be Sandy’s comfy shoes. Where you can see a quick need of a dead battery, fly in to help, and fly out. If you are a scheduled type of person…meaning me, I like to plan my volunteering and Sandy’s Helping Hands does that also.

We are in such a super busy, time pressed lifestyle that we can all feel that we don’t have time to offer. It’s not true. No matter how small an act of kindness, you will always have an enormous sense of well-being. Volunteering is an act of giving. It is who I want to be….. a comfy pair of shoes.

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