Connecting Our Community
People In Need With People Who Help

As any community, needs vary widely. We are looking for a diverse group of volunteers to bring Helping Hands. Whether you have a few hours a month, or a few hours a year, your impact will make a difference.

Helping Hands will serve as a non-profit hub connecting volunteers with our neighbors in need. Help us make Sandy the Best Little Town in Oregon!

You have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others. Audrey Hepburn

How It Works

Helping Hands was created to serve as a hub between volunteers and people in need. Sandy is a close knit community and Helping Hands is committed to keeping service local. As a result building a stronger community and connection between neighbors.


  1. Join. By clicking Join, you can submit a request to become one of our valued volunteers. There is no minimum requirement for volunteering. You volunteer when you are available and a need compels you.
  2. Browse our event blog occassionally. We will update it with needs as they are submitted to us. There will be all different types of needs. (Other volunteer organizations, sports organizations, Sandy events, Individual needs, etc.) There will surely be something for everyone.

Posting a Need

By clicking on our Post a Need link, you can submit a Need Request. It will then be posted on our blog for our community to view and commit to.